Portrait of Harpreet Kalsi, photographer & owner of thatthingyoupluck, sitting down playing a harp.


Sorry to disappoint, but no I can't play the Harp.

This is generally how I've had to introduce myself growing up in Essex. 'My name is Harpreet (befuddled look on face) or you can call me Harp, like 'that-thing-you-pluck'. It was either this or be called 'Heartbeat' (not after the art show with Morph in it) which inevitably led to the theme tune to that classic TV show sung to me on a regular basis.

Portrait of Harpreet Kalsi, photographer & owner of thatthingyoupluck, sitting down playing a harp.

I was born 5 weeks early but at least I'm in some great company.

Dennis Hopper (Pop quiz, hot shot)
Bill Paxton - (Game over man, game over)
Trent Reznor (I will take my place)
Jordon Knight (Oh, oh, oh,oh, oh)
Josh Homme (We get some rules to follow)
Tom (No we can't stop for food)
Pav (Where's Chuchu?)

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a....photographer.

Comics and film have always been a big influence on me and I'll happily chat for hours about them, but lets not talk about Martha.

Portrait of Harpreet Kalsi, photographer & owner of thatthingyoupluck, sitting down playing a harp.
Portrait of Harpreet Kalsi, photographer & owner of thatthingyoupluck, sitting down playing a harp.

kind words

Harp photographed our winter wedding in the City of London last year. He captured some amazing shots on what turned out to be a very grey, rainy day.

We first met Harp at our engagement shoot in the summer. He is a friendly, calm person and we immediately felt very relaxed around him. He helped direct us and gave pointers on how to get some good shots, which is very useful when you aren't used to being photographed.

On the wedding day Harp arrived to take photos of myself and the bridesmaids getting ready. He demonstrated his creativity as a photographer by capturing some amazing images, working with the lighting in the hotel.

Unfortunately it rained all day, so we had to take photos in the church. This wasn't a problem for Harp and he found a few different locations to take some lovely images. Group shots have a tendency to be tedious but Harp got through them all very quickly!

During the reception Harp captured natural shots of our guests laughing and dancing. He was extremely unobtrusive and we hardly noticed he was there.

I cannot recommend Harp enough! He has a great photographic style that really captured the ambiance of the day. Our families and guests also loved the photos and we have been inundated with requests for copies! We will cherish these images for years to come. It was a pleasure to work with him and he did a fantastic job of capturing our wedding!


Harp photographed our London wedding and I can't recommend him enough - the pictures are absolutely stunning. He was lovely and laid back, completely putting us at ease and ensuring that the whole process was completely unobtrusive. All the shots - posed and candid - are perfect and completely reflect the mood of the day as well as our personalities. Harp emailed us a lovely slideshow of the photos before sending us all the shots (including those from an engagement shoot which comes as part of the package) on a USB stick, beautifully presented in a lovely wooden box with some special prints.
We really couldn't have asked for more - thank you, Harp!


Harp photographed our wedding and engagement shoots and I can't stop saying thank you to him! For a couple that weren't a fan of getting our photos taken he made us feel relaxed and guided us through the process with such care and professionalism. We had great fun on our engagement shoot which made us feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Both sets of photos were absolutely stunning and captured all the funny, beautiful, emotional moments. I cannot recommend him enough!


Harp was amazing from start to finish with our wedding.
We met up with him to discuss my invitation ideas and somehow from all my ramblings he designed exactly what I wanted, it was better then I could imagine myself.
The ideas Harp had for our photography were spot on, and he was keen to make sure he knew exactly what we wanted.
On the day itself he was cool and calm, worked with us well, and was fantastic with my children. He got amazing shots and we have many of the images around our home, and people always comment on how lovely they are.
I couldnt be happier with everything, and would recommend to anyone, you won't be disappointed.